Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Quote

Christmas gave us some great times with the kids! they said so many funny things and reacted to each gift they got with great drama and joy! halarious and fun for us parents! on Christmas Eve we went to friends house and had the whole turkey meal and it was so nice. on the way home, paul said, "oh my goodness! i have waited sssssssooooo long for Christmas and it's HERE! i can't believe it's here!!!! mom, dad! Christmas is in my heart!!!!!!!!!"
A good shot of the Mt. (volcano) around Salatiga

Mr. Greg AKA studmuffin

Dream and Kelsy, two students and good babysitters for us!

and little Hazel...pretending to be shy

Chrissy is almost on her way!

and i am almost on my way to bali to pick her up! it's a sacrifice i must make. i have to leave my family and go to bali for 3 days to get her. i know, i know...:D life will be good with her around!
greg and the kids are going to another beach with members of our org so life will be good for them as well! then on the 31st Chrissy and i will meet up with them and ring in the new year with spray paint hair dye...and glow in the dark glow sticks and i am sure some fireworks...we can get anything here! so yeah...just to let you know we are still kicking even though i still haven't really updated this thing...and i can't download our pics onto this computer so i can't put our pictures on but the friend that we are borrowing from has a couple of pictures i would like to that should happen :D and this is really just to let you know that we are out of town til the see you next year!

poor bruiser

we found out that the chicken that brusier supposedly killed was NOT killed by brusier. the ladies, our neighbors and friends, came here just to get money out of us. it was a set up. merry christmas to us.

Monday, December 22, 2008

cultural and communtiy living

here's a few things that have had happened in the past 2 months...

we found that if you spray cecuks with soapy water while on the ceiling...they will fall and the boys can catch them much easier. we have lost one cecuk and 1 other lizard thing in our car...we see them long will they last? right now we have 2 frogs, one hamster, several cecuks and one dog.

the only one dog story came about because bruiser started killing chickens after the celebration of sacrificing animals. he ran down to the mosque and grabbed some bones in which he thought tasted good so he went after two chickens in one day. our neighbor wasn't so happy with us as she brought the chicken to show proof of the kill and we had to pay a high price of $6. so the only nice thing we could do to keep good relations in our community was hand over bruiser to our other neighbor who went and made "sate" out of him...meat on a stick. so sad...very very sad. so now poor sassy sits alone in the backyard and cries for her brother to come back.

i brushed my teeth with an ant. enough said.

the termite season keeps living on. i don't know how many times we have woken up with 100's of termites on our floor. it's getting old.

the mosque just down the street is decorated with christmas lights...hmmm????

we wrapped our christmas presents last week and they are now "molding"... the paper is damp and nice and refreshing. mold is growing everywhere in our house now. coming up in all sorts of areas...

two mornings in a row now we have woken up at 5:30am to someone cutting wood with a saw. they only make about 10 cuts...just enough to wake us up. just cuz the sun is starting to come up...does it mean we ALL have to be up?

i went to our ibu-ibu meeting...a monthly meeting of women in our community where we all wear the same outfit to be united....and we went and visited a lady who is sick with diabetes. it is really nice to be in a community who really cares about their neighbors. we went and prayed for her...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

we are alive

so sorry to many of you wondering "where in the world are they?"
but we had too many computer problems along with rainy season and no internet to contend with for 5 weeks but we are back in the game...not fully but almost! our computer died after 5 weeks of open heart surgery. it's over. we have to get a new one. in the mean time we are borrowing our gracious friends' computer till we get back to the states in just 74 days! we are looking to buy our tickets here this week coming into LA on Feb. 27 (paul's birthday) and flying out of LA on Aug. 1.

things are going ok here. i, martha have been sick with a nasty flu for 10 days and today is the first day i feel a bit "back"...besides the constant nausea i still have from baby #4. still throwing up daily but that comes with it :D
thankfully the kids and greg did not get what i had...paul had a minor case of it for 24 hours. but now we are hoping to stay healthy for the duration of christmas break coming up on friday thru jan. 13. our great friend Chrissy is coming to visit for the break and we are so excited!
so that is our lives in a tiny little nutshell...just wanted to poke our head in for anyone who might still check this????
we are here...and i will get this updated asap :D