Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the other side!

hey you all! we made it! God gave us so much encouragement to keep going with the whole trip! we are here in LA and it's pretty surreal but we are here all the same and only the last five hours of the last flight were more uncomfortable with contractions. i am just updating this so you all know cuz i KNOW there have been MANY praying and that is what brought us through...faithfulness and persistance to our God...he has taught me so much through this whole's good to be in amercia...the kids are already in culture shock with drinking fountains, automatic doors and toilets flushing, not too many motorcycles on the freeways and getting a taste of a malt...its' all good and we love america! good night!


Pamela said...

Welcome back home! Thanks for the update, I was wondering if you made it safely since we didn't go to the airport tonight. Can't wait to talk to you in person!

Anonymous said...

oh my... we sure have been praying a lot for u guys! I am so glad that you made it till the other side of the world. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy....!!!
Gods blessing for all of you.. luv u.

The Veldhuizens.