Thursday, April 23, 2009

birth days

happy birthday to my dad! he would have been 62
happy birthday to chrissy! a stunning 21???? :D
and it will be a BIRTH day on friday for our little #4! YAY!

we have relocated to a very nice place in seal beach and we are enjoying the area a great deal...the sun has been hot since we moved so we get in on the pool action and the beach every day! life is refreshing...and then life is also coming at us very quickly...little baby #4 has turned into the breach position so i was advised that standing on my head in a pool would work to turn i did...and he did! i KNOW he did cuz his feet remained in my ribs for the entire night. the next day we went swimming again and i could tell he was moving around but didn't expect him to totally flip...but he did. so he is breach again. the dr doesn't really want him to be flipping around any more for fear of getting all tangled we had to weigh the options of having him turned in the hospital (which i hear is very painful) and then being induced right after...or going for a C-section. i don't know why, but C-sections are way scary for me...maybe because all 3 of my births have been prepped for an emergency one? i don't know? but i have never had one...but i couldn't make a decision on what to Greg made it for me. he called it out that there are still lots of tricky parts going for inducing...but with the's easy and done and people do it more and more these days and it's less stress on the baby and most likely that is what we are going for. We prayed for peace and we both feel relieved today to say this is what is going to happen:

1:00pm on Friday, April 24, 2009...we will be having another baby! that is weird to even say that we know the timing and all but it's also a relief to make the decision and just pray we don't go in before that. my contractions are still hard and often but not consistant so today i am trying to lay lower and not do as much so that we make it to friday with no big deal.

so now i can say i have had all the ways of epidural, epidural, and C-section...i can give my opinion on all 3 ways...crazy! so if anyone has good advice on a C-section...let me know...otherwise we would appreciate your prayers as we go into yet ANOTHER transition :D

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