Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jet Leg

so...we haven't slept so much since we left indo...i am thinking...oh...this is how it's going to be with a new little baby too! greg and i went to our dr. appointment today and for some reason it hit both of us that in about 2 months we are going to have a little baby! the time has gone fast...i guess? but the dr. was so interested in our time in indo...he wanted to talk about that more than the pregnancy and i wanted some answers! but he was not concerned with where i am now. he says having more contractions are normal with each child and with the stress we were under, it's just no doubt that brought on more. he says to monitor and call him if it gets to be more than 5 an hr...with consistancy. so all in all it was a very quick talk on my life the past 6 mo but i am relieved to know that he isn't so concerned...and he didn't put me on bed rest or anything...i just need to rest when my body says so. and i think my body knows the stress of the matter of getting here is over so it has calmed down but my body is all weirded out with the new time zone...along with everyone! it's 1 am and we have all been up since 11pm. eating and playing and reading and playing hide and seek. i feel good right now...but during the day...we are all like zombies trying to stay awake. yesterday we went to bed at 5 am and had to get up at 6:30 am for the dr appointment. greg and i said we were just going to keep moving till 6pm...we barely made it...hazel went in and put herself to sleep about 10 min before our goal. we all slept 5 hrs and somehow our bodies say "get up!"...and we do try to just lay there and sleep but we are wide awake. hungry! and the uncles gave the kids a PS2 for their birthdays so this keeps everyone occupied as well...and quiet for grandma and grandpa. anyway...just a little update as to what is happening...we have so many good friends here bringing us warm clothes to wear and waiting for us to get over this groggy state so we can be alive again. it's good to be back where i feel comfortable and just KNOW what to expect...but everything seems very open and spread out and big and yeah...definately some reverse culture shock going on. i'm excited for when the sun comes up...we are going to TARGET!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the other side!

hey you all! we made it! God gave us so much encouragement to keep going with the whole trip! we are here in LA and it's pretty surreal but we are here all the same and only the last five hours of the last flight were more uncomfortable with contractions. i am just updating this so you all know cuz i KNOW there have been MANY praying and that is what brought us through...faithfulness and persistance to our God...he has taught me so much through this whole pregnancy...it's good to be in amercia...the kids are already in culture shock with drinking fountains, automatic doors and toilets flushing, not too many motorcycles on the freeways and getting a taste of a malt...its' all good and we love america! good night!