Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 more days

just a little update for those interested...thanks so much for your prayers and notes already!
still having to do this bedrest thing. i tested the waters and tried to do little things but that backfired pretty good and so i MUST lay. ;(
we have been doing our best to research meds to take on the plane to stop contractions, seems everything has pretty bad side effects. please pray that something comes up very soon that will just "WORK" and it's not so scary. i don't like meds to begin with!
but we went to the dr last night and found i am only 1cm so that confirms in our minds that i can indeed get on those planes unless God closes the doors. we have done what we know and most of what we KNOW is that He is in control and this is why we follow Him in the first put all trust IN HIM and not to think we can handle it ourselves. i have been gossiping the gospel to myself all day cuz i want the control on this one since i figure this is one of the bigger decisions we have had to make. (to get on the plane or not to even start) the idea that we are being taken care of is totally breathtaking...and sometimes hard to grasp but slowly slowly i am learning i am so proud to want to do it all myself! i am a daughter, having a son to a doesn't get much better than that. so help us rest in that peace by praying us through and we'll let you know just as fast as we can that we arrived safely.


Michael said...


Brookie and I are praying for you!


p.s. If you pass by any candy stands with the black forest stuff or the chewy little fox things,Brooke would gladly take them off your hands when you get to the states. (She told me to say that!)

Hooray for another lil Copeland!

Marshall and Lindsay and Morgan said...

Oh man Martha. I am praying for you guys. No babies being born in the air! I wonder what country their birth would be recorded in though. You should ask that on the plane and make the attendants really nervous. Not that they won't be already. I hope you guys have a SAFE and QUICK trip home!! Write and update when you can after you land.