Monday, February 9, 2009

Gavin learns about Germany

This past month was international month for the elementary. because there are so many kids from around the world, each class picks a country to learn about and then on the last day they invite all the parents and other students to come and travel the world. this year gavin has a many from around the world in his class of 12. some from america, holland, germany, indonesia, korea, and denmark. this year they picked germany for their class to learn about and here are some shots of the boys making food from germany.

if you ask gavin about germany, he will tell you quite a bit of information. he learned about WWII and what happened and who helped the Jews. He learned about how poor people were that they had never even tasted a banana but had only seen pictures. He knows the black forest isn't really black but dark green. he knows why castles were built high on the hills. He even knows some german lingo. it's great they can be exposed to other countries from people who actually live there!
other countries they learned from the K-6 were Dessert countries, India, Costa Rica, and Thiland. Paul and Hazel were given passports to travel around with and get stamped at each country. it was a great creative day :D

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Anonymous said...

Hey Martha!! We do something similar at the school I teach at. We call it Global Gala. Every class picks a country, and spends 2-3 weeks studying that country. Then we have an evening where the families come, visit all the rooms, see the special reports, and projects that kids did related to their country, and then we have some sort of entertainment.

This year's focus was Africa, and our performance centered on African Drumming. The 5th graders worked with a woman who had lived in Africa and done a lot of the native drumming to learn about 6 songs, and then they put on the performance.

Its always my favorite school event!

Wendi Madsen