Sunday, February 1, 2009

Princess Parties

have you ever been to one? today was my first! hazel and elleah (hazel's friend who has almost the same birthday as her) had their 3 yr. old princess party this afternoon...combined. we had 9 little girls showed up in their party dresses ready to be pampered. we did hair (hazel had hers done 3 times and took it out each time saying "actually, i don't want that.") we did nails. we did toes. we did make up. we did body jewels. we did lipstick (i have to say this one for elleah cuz she constantly put lipstick on for the 2 hours we were there). we did dress up (hazel changed outfits 3 times...are we seeing a pattern here?) the girls were primped and princessed...they felt and acted like it! we played a game, and had a story told to them by miss ashely. then we decorated cupcakes and i made a special barbie ice cream cake. "what?" you might say! yeah...i wasn't cream cake in Indonesia? the two don't mix...i got the form ok...but it melted pretty i stuck it in the freezer overnight...the next day i took it out to frost. i was proud of the frosting that uncle eric had sent especially for this occasion from america...but the frosting didn't like us! i began to put on the pink icing...trying to make it look like a dress of a barbie (and then later i would put the barbie in the middle) but i could see right away this wasn't going to work! the ice cream was melting, the frosting was drooping, the whole thing was becoming a huge i stuck it in the freezer for 5 min...opened, and the little bit i had done was NOT what my eye was looking for! so i stood in the freezer and attempted to spread the frosting little by little...having to keep closing the freezer every min. or so...wait 5 and then go again. it was torturous... but in the end barbie wore her dress and all the little princesses ooohhh'd and awwww'd and it was successful...but i learned my lesson...even on a colder day in Indo...we don't frost ice cream! (cuz it never get's that cold) after they ate, all the little ladies went outside to play on the play looked pretty funny...all the color and fluff out there...pretty soon we heard a brawl. hazel had taken the body jewel off of hasten's arm and hasten was willing to fight for it back! so, we watched and the two of them eventually made up when hazel asked miss ashley for her jewels and then returned to hasten with jewel's AND a ribbon from the decorations...friends again! so easy. i must say this party was much more quiet than any of the boys parties i have had (besides the few screams of excitement)...will this continue to be this way? the brothers thought it was VERY unfair they did not get to attend the all girl event...but we did save them some frosting and cake and ice cream cuz they didnt' like the idea of getting all princessed up...but all that mattered was that we saved them the frosting! (on a side note paul and i came home real quick before the party started to grab a few things i had forgotten...and we found a large lizard in the house...paul HAD to catch this lizard for all the boys (gavin and elleah's two brothers) back at elleah's house...HAD TO MOM! so i tried to wait patiently and a little timid as i was scared of it too and didn't want it in my house...after several attempts and me hurrying him along...he truimphed with little giggles and his cowboys boots to show the friends and brother...but oops! he lost it in the car as he was showing the boys! uh oh! oh fun days...gotta love it! but the lizard was never seen again...does this's still in the car? oh i know Chrissy would just scream and faint!) the day ended very well and hazel had a great time...even though she ended up looking more like Cindy Laper (spelling help?) than any princess i have seen... but then again...she is "her own princess" as she likes to say :D

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