Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul

oh what a kid! he comes in to our room at 5am asking if it's light enough for it to be his birthday yet. and so i say "happy birthday paul" while still sleeping and he jumps up and wants to party! he wants to decorate and get the plans going for the party today and have people over all day and come on mom...why aren't you already up!? thankfully miss ashley came over at 6:30am to wish a happy birthday (and goodbye) to us so he had a visitor already! he has to wait until 1 to have his party...19 friends will all go and play at a play place downtown...they will eat a soccer cake (not made by very sad for me...but bed rest keeps one down) and drink kool-aid. it's going to be a great party in paul's mind cuz they have a trampoline...and he has tricks!

paul is right now sitting in a cardboard box, poking holes in it with hazel on the outside...all is well. he is such a great kid and we love him so! i can't believe he is five already...the days go too fast and he is asking so much of life already...he expects grand things from it and has passion for everything he does...whether he is happy or don't question cuz it's written all over his face. he loves to laugh and make others laugh...he is quite smart...and asks a lot of deep questions. he is into bugs, cars, drawing, Ben 10, super man, spiderman, batman, (and even enjoys a good barbie movie, computer games, skateboards, skitters, scooters, bikes, and the like...he has a bigger social schedule than anyone in our family and makes instant friends with any age. people around town know paul and like to call out his name when we are out. he does get embarrassed about this but i think he really likes it. his mouth is always going with some noise coming out...he will maybe be a sound effects guy? or a drama king? or a great dad! i think he will LOVE school and be excited for each new subject and getting to be like big brother gavin. right now he is annoyed with a little sister who wants to be just like him and is pretty much a parrot for him. he doesn't understand he is already a leader...and he has followers who love him.
we are happy to have paul in our family to keep us on the lighter side of life. he is so excited to get to america to go to chuckie cheezes...good times! we love paul and are blessed by him daily. happy birthday bud...high 5 for 5 fingers!

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Anonymous said...

Reading about trampoline tricks reminds me of going to visit you in California. Gavin was so proud to show us his new trick . . . he would jump up on the trampoline, bounce off of his HEAD, and flip over. Not very safe for a little kid, but I'm laughing right now thinking about it!!
love you guys!